Office Policy

★ First visit:

Please contact us at least two days before your desired date.


★ Cancellation:

We kindly request a 24-hour cancellation e-mail or phone call.


★ Fragrance-free space:

Since we need to sharpen our five senses for accurate diagnosis and optimal treatment for you, please refrain from wearing perfume when you visit Taulli.


We appreciate your understanding.

Safety & hygiene management + Informed Consent

We value safety & hygiene management and informed consent.

(1)   General Information

Treatment at your own expense: It is not covered by health insurance.

As licensed practitioners, we have been trained to use impeccable standards of hygiene.

After treatment, you may feel drowsy, languid and increased pain. You may also feel pain or sense of discomfort in other parts of the body from the treatment points. These symptoms are transient. It is a process of restoration for the body to improve its balance, so there is no need to worry.


(2) Acupuncture Therapy

We employ single use disposable stainless steel Japanese-made needles sterilized with ethylene oxide gas.

Acupuncture needles we use are 0.10mm to 0.30mm in diameter. Depending on your condition and the treatment points, you may feel pain during insertion. If it is unbearable, please let us know.

Once the needle has reached the correct depth and contacts the Qi, you will have a unique sensation known as “de qi”.

On some occasions a small drop of blood is drawn and a tiny bruise can appear. 

We carry out treatment with a combination of multiple acupuncture points depending on your symptoms and physical conditions. Please note that the treatment points are not always where the symptoms appear.


(3) Cupping Therapy

We use cupping therapy to draw stagnant Qi and Blood to the surface by creating suction. It temporarily leaves red or purple marks on the skin. Please let us know in advance if you have any concerns. 


(4) Others

Each patient takes a different length of time to get better. Usually several sessions are recommended.   

If you have any questions and concerns about our treatment, please let us know in advance.