Taulli's mission

The mission of Taulli Acupuncture & Massage is to support healthy aging.

It is predicted that by the year 2050, there will be over 700,000 centenarians in Japan.


Taulli proposes that it is important not only to live a long life, but also to take steps now to ensure that such a long life is fulfilling, with a healthy mind and body.



It is also important to continue this endeavor over time and to ensure the training of the next generation of therapists.


In addition, in order to develop a diversified business centered around acupuncture and massage treatment, we have established a company that will allow us to fulfill our social responsibility.


  1. We offer treatment that takes into consideration our patients' health and general lifestyle.
  2. We strive to provide appropriate health information, especially ragarding daily exercise and nutrition, with a long-term perspective for each individual.